Server Information about our server

We are a bunch of Perfect World lovers, with lots of experience in the game, in server administration and development.
Our server was created to be a custom alternative to retail PWI.

We intend to take the good features that PWI created; and create our own custom content, similar to what we've done with Nation Wars. Everything that was put into the game was well-thought out and designed to be as perfect as possible; while still offering a familiar experience to PWI.

We fully intend to listen to the community to adjust our custom features, requests, and what we've currently designed and created.
This server offers no voting whatsoever. All items that are required can be obtained in-game through the Boutique or other alternatives in-game (events, instances, etc)

Server currently is 1.6.2, Wings of Rebirth.

Our official server rates are x2 (x2 drops, x2 experience, x2 spirit, x2 coins). Some instances and events through packs and/or rewards have higher rates. .

We currently feature:
  • Glyphs system (Complete: Glyph growth, glyphs stat bonuses and glpyh completion bonus (Dragon, Tiger and Martial)
  • Arigora Colosseum (fully functional, retail)
  • Instance: Dawnlight Halls
  • Instance: Icebound Underground
  • Treasure System
  • Improved Nation Wars (Reduced territories map, improved matchmaking, 2 nations)
  • Improved R9R4 gear
  • Automated custom PvP/PvE events
  • Name Colors and Custom titles in-game with Name Effects
  • Custom in-game instances
For any questions, please visit our Discord or find more information about the relevant instances within PWI Fandom.

  • All players recieve free R9R2, free full skills, boundaries unlocked until Royal Sky X, and all cultivation unlocked until Celestial Saint.