Glyphs System

Glyphs is a skill enhancing system that is available once players have reached their Chaotic Soul Cultivation.

There are six different glyph slots

Glyph Master of Mercy for the first Glyph slot by completing the quest given by Glyph Master of Mercy located outside the City Hall of Neverfall

Glyph Master of Honor for the second Glyph slot quest

Glyph Master of Courage for the third Glyph slot quest

Glyph Master of Modesty for the fourth Glyph slot quest

Glyph Master of Loyalty for the fifth Glyph slot quest

Glyph Master of Sincerity for the sixth Glyph slot quest

There are five types of Glyphs

Sanguine Glyph

Ethereal Glyph

Verdant Glyph

Golden Glyph

Argent Glyph

There are four different tiers of Glyphs:

Tier 1: Glyphs level 1 - 4

Tier 2: Glyphs level 5 - 7

Tier 3: Glyphs level 8 - 9

Tier 4: Glyphs level 10

When a player has all six Glyph slots unlocked, they can activate a Glyph bonus by using Glyph on specific skills. When the majority of the skills with Glyphs belong to one property, then the character will receive that particular property. If the skills of different properties are equal in number then no bonus will be activated.

Players with Martial Prowess deal 15% more damage to players with Dragon's Might.

Players with Dragon's Might deal 15% more damage to players with Tiger's Rage.

Players with Tiger's Rage deal 15% more damage to players with Martial Prowess.

Players with no Glyph Bonus activated take 5% more damage from players with a Glyph Bonus.

Players with the same property have no damage modifier against each other.

With each Glyph, it offers stats for your character. The higher the level of Glyph, the better the stats are which you can preview by hovering over the Glyph icon.